We are only here cause of our customers. On each statue we realease, we’re going to have a Supporter Pre-Order. A small amount of the edition size will be offered with a few benefits. We want to THANK YOU! – all Supporters will be shared here on this site (if requested).
  Adolfo Cerda Ramos   Mexico
  Anthony Cowie   United Kingdom
  Bang Le   USA
  Blair Herd   Canada
  Christian Muth   Germany
  Dalibor Antic   Germany
  David Alvarado   USA
  David Martinez Belmonte   Spain
  Edoardo Battelli   Italy
  Eduardo Yambo   USA
  Grant Letley   South Africa
  Jean Renucci   France
  John Archdeacon   USA
  Jose Gonzalez   USA
  Joseph Carneiro Alouf   Brazil
  Kostas Kosmidis   Germany
  Martin Palmer   United Kingdom
  Michal Krebs   Austria
  Mike Foden   United Kingdom
  Richard Gauthier   United Kingdom
  Seàn McGrath   Ireland
  Stuart Porter   Australia
  Toys Cafe   Indonesia
  Wojciech Kalużny   Poland
  Anonymous   France